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Published: 30th July 2012
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Beautiful semi-precious Jade Jewellery online brings you the very latest and up to the minute handmade jewellery designs that have been crafted from the stunning Chinese jade. Jade is a variety of semi-precious which is also known as Eastern Diamond because it is priced in the Far East as much as we price semi-precious and gemstones such as diamonds and emeralds here in the West. It has a wonderful significance to Chinese culture. They provide oriental handmade Jade jewellery in latest styles and well as traditional and antique pieces. You will find that there are many different pieces available to you in this collection of unusual handmade jewellery such as designer bangles, rings of many styles, pendants which hang from silver and gold chains, earrings for both pierced and none pierced ears, necklace designs that have set other semi-precious stones alongside the Jade, the collection that is available to you is endless.

However, now from the ever growing collection of internet stores we can find a very large and varied collection of beautiful handmade Jade jewellery. There are various sites both good and bad which consist of many pieces of handmade jade jewellery imported in from China. Because of the growth in internet stores the rest of the world now has the opportunity to purchase these beautiful pieces of handmade jewellery that have up to now have only been seen in the East. China and other Eastern countries are now able to share their Jade treasures and jewellery designs with the rest of the world offering us an insight to their culture and design. Many of these pieces and designs have only been seen and been available in the East up to now and have only been available to purchase if we have visited these countries in person

These pieces of unusual handmade Jade jewellery are something that will be treasured. It is a fact that pieces of Jade jewellery are among the finest and latest designed handmade jewellery which steals your heart and I am sure that you will not be able to resist adding one of these stunning designs to your jewellery collection. Among the collections you will find traditional pieces where carved flowers, Buda’s, dragons and other Eastern symbols have been used in the creation of these pieces. Going to the opposite end of the scale you will find stunning unique modern designs where the designer has used her imagination and created unusual designs with this beautiful Jade stone.

The semi-precious Jade stone is usually very difficult to cut and style as it is very tough. They are available in many attractive colours and shades and are used in designing handmade jewellery; carvings as well as ornamental products are produced with this beautiful natural stone. It is known for its refreshing and wonderful appearance. It is featured with its gentle, crystal, modest and fine characters. Handmade Jade jewellery is said to be a symbol of positive, get-together, harmony and grace and harmony. Over the years many mystical properties have been given to this stone and this is one of the reasons it has been so popular in the use of jewellery making.

It is tough because of the incredible toughness of the stone that it will not break but this is not necessary the truth, they have to be handled carefully and handled with great care as some of these pieces can be very delicate but if they are looked after and maintained they will remain in perfect condition for a long time. Handmade Jade jewellery collections include earring jade pendent in latest designs. The quantity and diversity of designs available to use means we will always find something we like among these handmade jewellery collections

I have always loved sourcing unusual pieces of handmade jewellery and now that the internet offers us the ability to shop around the world from the comfort of our own homes this has become easier. My latest passion is Jade jewellery and there are now many internet store from the Far East that are offering beautiful and unique designs that have been handmade from Jade

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